3 steps to great sounding drum tracks

Get In Touch

First step is to get in touch and we’ll discuss your project to find out what you need, deadlines, budget etc. This is to make sure you’ll get what you pay for.

Sending your guide tracks

Once we’ve found out what your project needs, it’s time for you to send your guide tracks so I can start working on your project.

Approval and Delivery

When you’re happy with the result and the final payment have been made, I’ll send over your drum files so you can start mixing.

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What my clients say

“If your struggling with a beat this guy is without a doubt the best about! Rock solid beats and great ideas is what Niklas is best at!”

Tom Fox Producer and sound engineer at Moorecroft Recording Studios

“Haven’t started mixing the track yet but it sounds great what you’ve done. I’ll definitely be able to work with it.”

David Lydon Irish Singer/Songwriter

“Great skills……I love the restraint that you use.
As you know, too many drummers over play.
I can tell that you know when to play and when
not to play.”

Don Lawson Don Lawson - Musician/Singer/Songwriter

You got the pocket down for sure . . . . I know technical skills and you clearly have them! You rock!

Don Lawson Don Lawson - US Musician/Singer/Songwriter

“We’ve really pulled you drums on this track too, they sound beast.”

Darren James Ellis UK songwriter/artist

“I really like what you’ve done, and for the most part you’ve got things exactly spot on for how I hear the track – so thank you dude!”

Romeo Crow UK Singer, Writer and Producer

” I seriously debated keeping them and not having live drums because I like them so much but I really liked what you did with “Don’t Leave Now” so I thought I’d see what you can do with this one too.”

J. Christopher Thomas Songwriter, Multi.instrumentalist arranger from the San Francisco based band Who's Judith

“Working with Niklas was awesome! He’s passionate about what he does and knew exactly what I was looking for even when I didn’t have the kind of percussion vocabulary to describe it! Looking forward to working with him again!

Brett Jones Singer-Songwriter from Columbus,OH

“I’ve never worked with such a proffesional as Niklas. A top drummer, business man, and a true gentleman.”

Darren James Ellis UK singer-songwriter

“Working with Niklas has been an absolute pleasure. Communications were quick and pleasant – his genuine excitement really added something to the project. Niklas took my initial ideas and very quickly delivered an excellent drum track, complimenting and augmenting the ideas within the song without being overboard in any way. The quality of the recording and mixing was extremely high and it was very easy to add back into my project. Highly recommended – I will certainly be working with him again in the future.”

Matt Steady Independent Singer/Songwriter

“In my 20 years + of writing, recording and producing I have worked with many great session drummers including Chet McCracken (Doobie Brothers) and Ben Smith (Heart) and with many drummers who advertise their remote drumming services. At first I was skeptical after a few unsatisfactory experiences but I found Niklas’ drumming to be intuitive, tasteful and VERY musical and he is refreshingly easy to work with, communicate with and his work is timely and inexpensive. Most importantly, he has a great feel for what serves the song and what we, as songwriters, want our songs to sound like. I love what he’s done so much I’m already working on more songs for him to play on and I can’t wait to hear what magic he works on those!”

J.Christopher Thomas producer for Who's Judith

Let’s talk about your project!

If you have a project that needs drums or if you're looking for a drummer for your next show. Or if you have any questions regarding drums, I'd love to hear from you. Drop me a line and let's talk about it!