Yamaha Rock Tour in Textured Green Sunburst finish. 9-ply shells of Big Leaf Mahogany (Textured Ash are 6-ply mahogany, 2-ply ash). The mahogany for Rock Tour is a South American species that is grown in a reforested, managed forest as a renewable resource. Rock Tour shells have a low fundamental, and a warm musical tone while maintaining a strong attack and great projection.

Sizes are as follows:

22″x18″ Kick Drum
16″x15″ Floor Tom
12″x8″ Rack tom


Snare Drums

I use a Gretsch Renown 14″x6,5″ snare drum with flanged hoops as my main snare. I also use a Tama Superstar 14″x5,5″ snare drum with Die Cast hoops as a side snare or when I need a main snare with a shorter and high pitched sound. The Tama snare is also equipped with PureSound Percussion EQ snare wires.



13″ Meinl Byzance Traditional Medium Hi-hat

17″ Zildjian Avedis Medium Crash

18″ Zildjian Avedis Medium Crash

20″ Meinl Sand Ride


Hardware and stands

I use a variety of stands and hardware from different brands such as Yamaha, Premier, Tama and Pearl. Mostly from the Premier 2000 series. I use a Tama Iron Cobra Power Glide singel kick pedal.


Sticks etc.






I have a selection of different types of sticks to use for all my playing situations such as stick, rods, brushes and mallets. Most of them are made by Pro Mark. My go to stick is the Pro Mark Forward 5A .550″ Hickory Tear Drop Wood Tip.







What drumheads I use depends on what situation I’m in. I usually prefer Evans Drumheads and currently use:

G1 coated on the resonant side of all toms and the batter side of my Gretsch snare.

G2 coated on the batter side of all toms.

Evans 300 on the snare side of all my snares.

G14 coated on the batter side of my Tama snare.

Emad Coated on the batter side of the kick and the Yamaha stock head on the resonant side with a 5″ sound hole for easier placement of microphones.


Microphones and recording equipment 

MacBook Pro 15″ Early 2011 with 2Ghz Intel Core i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. I’m using Logic Pro X for recording and editing work.

I use a Presonus Firestudio interface connected to my MacBook Pro with firewire. This gives me up to 8 different channels of drums and can be expanded with more channels if needed.

For monitoring I use Tannoy Reveal studio speakers and Shure se215 In-Ear monitors both for tracking and live situations. I also use a pair of Sennheiser HD-201, mostly used for editing when I’m not able to use my studio speakers for some reason.

I use a selection of microphones from different brands while tracking, I can also bring my own microphones for live use. A selection of the microphones I use are:

AKG D112

Shure SM57

Samson C01

JoeMeek JM27S

Apart from those I’ve also got a selection of no-name microphones and a DIY sub kick mic (basically a backwards wired speaker) to pick up some really low end from the kick drum.



I own a selection of shakers, tambourines and other hand played percussion (Cajon and different afro cuban percussion played with your hands), to use when the situation calls for it.